Who or What is a Social Entrepreneur. Boomers Yak About Speaks with Michael Caslin of GCSEN  On this weeks Boomers Yak About, we speak with Professor Michael Caslin, founder and CEO of the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship on what and who is a social Entrepreneur. Also, get a big discount on a digital subscription to the New York Times. And on the “Yak About Tech” segment; Is there a Christian college tracking the sex lives of their students.   If you are a sponsor or advertiser and would like to find out more about the Boomers Yak About, touch base with The David Yakir Group through the information below. info@yakirgroup.com . 212.244.6224 . htp://.yakirgroup.com/ Boomers Yak About broadcasts deliver on air and online conversations,

Yak On!

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