Stephers Halloween, David talksTech, and the Year 2000

October 24, 2020

This week's conversation begins with Stephanie telling David about her pre-Halloween fun experience of socially distancing with friends on paddle boats all wearing witches hats, around Lake Austin, which leads to a discussion of retail stores pushing holiday decorations  earlier and earlier each year. David brings back "Yak About Tech" to talk about this years newly introduced  iPhones as well as his Apple Ecosystem. The look back is to 2000 and the fear of computer systems  crashing. It was the year that PlayStation 2 was introduced and the year that the presidential  election  between George W. Bush and Al Gore was heard in the Supreme Court in December. Stephanie concludes this week's program back on the subject of Halloween and how she gave out candy in past years rather than healthy treats but not this year, due to the pandemic.

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