Political Exhaustion, TheYear 1978, How filling a Pill boxTells Time

October 18, 2020

This week's ongoing conversation between two friends begins with David and Stephanie discussing their exhaustion with current politics, and how the early voting has finally begun as the political season  draws to a close. The look back is to 1978, the start of video games, and an early version of personal computers. It was the year of Jim Jones and his cult in Guyana and the year that Saturday Night Fever dominated the box office and the music scene with the Bee Gees soundtrack. They both agree that the song of the year was Lionel Richie's Commodores with "Three Times A Lady". This week David reflects on the different perception of time from when back in Junior High School, time seemed to take forever and how today refilling his two week pill box seems to happen every day. They both agree that one childhood year feels like ten adult years. Stephanie concludes with a  discussion of her lifelong love of little things that fit in the palm of her open hand from childhood right through today.

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