Today on What “Boomers Yak About: Did you know healthy can be delicious? We will talk with Healthy Culinary Coach Sandy Kleiman and Dr. Maria Kish, Physician, Distinguished Fellow in physical and Chiropractic Medicine on education her patients on healing from the inside out.   If you are a sponsor or advertiser and would like to find out more about the Boomers Yak About, touch base with The David Yakir Group through the information below.  .   212.244.6224  .   htp:// How are Chiropractic Medicine and Nutrition Related with Sandy Kleiman from Healthy Culinary Coach and Maria Kish from Straight up Chiropractic. Boomers Yak About broadcasts deliver on air and online conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions,

Yak On!

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