Christine Lang, The Body Whisperer chats with David Yakir to help him understand “What The Body Is Trying to Tell You”

March 15, 2019

61Io-tvD6dL__SY600_.jpgWhile working as an attorney, Christine Lang voraciously pursued a cure for her persistent allergies. She eliminated her allergies, and along the way discovered an amazing gift – the ability to see energy and have conversations with people’s spirits! Christine now works as a medical intuitive, helping people understand how their physical symptoms contain messages from their spirits. With Christine as the translator, her clients engage in profound conversations with their spirits and learn about relationships, self-judgment, healing and forgiveness. But living as a single mom with extraordinary abilities presents its own unique challenges, and Christine meets them head on with warmth and humor. Navigating personal relationships is very interesting when you “see what other people can’t see.” Join Christine as she shares her journey and those of her clients. The topics covered are valuable to each of us; enjoy the stories and apply the wisdom in your own life.

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