Boomers Yak About Basics for Sponsors, Advertisers and Listeners. Boomers Yak About Basics: The Broadcast and extras broken down for everyone The first show of the year discussing the outline of each show and its supplemental elements for listeners and sponsors on Boomers Yak About Episode originally aired on 01-04-16. Episode available at the bottom of the post. In this weeks episode of Boomers Yak about, David Yakir talks with Loren Weisman about the different elements going in to the new series and how it extends beyond just radio. Boomers Yak About Basics: The Show Overview Boomer’s: Yak About . . . is a radio broadcast hosted on iHeart Radio and recorded in Vero Beach, Florida. The Terrestrial Radio & Web Broadcast is picked up

Yak On!

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