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January 29, 2019

Thanks for joining us. I’m David yakir and you are listening to yak about today. And as always - I’ve been thinkin.

So, that’s what we’ll yak about today.

So my friends you must have noticed that at the beginning of the show I didn’t say i’ve been thinking about a particular topic or we had a guest interview.

Nope, I’ve just been thinking.

You see, every year or so - usually around New Years, I re-evaluate the show. try to find ways to improve the show. Get the feedback. Look at the shows that work - and those that don’t.

Also, I look at the emails and tweets that have recommendations.

And by the way, I enjoy the emails, tweets that are complimentary. The criticisms - well not so much - but they are teaching moments I guess.

and as you all know much of the communications that we in the media receive these days are over the top and extreme at times. The compliments can almost make you feel godly. And some of the criticisms are either borderline hate mail or somewhat threatening.

It used to be that the majority of the hate mail was gay related. That has been surpassed by some very strong opinions about politics.

But as most of you know, This show has been always dedicated to the wiser and more mature of us, covering topic that may be helpful as we age, From technology to health and nutrition - finances, employment opportunities - learning to be an entrepreneur or even how to improve your memory. And at times the arts.

And as you know and hear every week at the beginning of the show, we say if you are familiar with the years 46 to 64 than this is the place you want to be.

But that only works if we are covering the topics that are important to you or have conversations that you relate to.

I always ask this time of year for you to email me or tweet me with your suggestions for topics and conversations that you’re interested in. The more i receive the better the show is.

Sending in your thoughts and ideas allows me to book guests that would be of interest to you.

So, why not take a stab at writing me at yakabouttoday@gmail.com or tweet me at yakabouttoday. And tell me how i can make this show better for you.

So what do we have planned for this season.

Number one, later this season we will be using using a new platform called Spreaker which will allow us to broadcast live over several of the social media platforms.

In addition we are setting up a system where we can take live phone calls live on air.

In addition, when appropriate we will broadcast the show with video when we think the show will benefit more when you can see it. (and of course that will allow you to see my pretty face.)

Over the next few months, the team will be developing a new podcast tentatively titled Yak’s Tales.

A biographical podcast where everyone will get to tell the stories that made them who they are today.

We will tell you more as we develop the concept.

# Topics

Ok, since we don’t have any quests lined up for today, why don’t we rifle through our notes and see if we can find anything of interest for you.

And even though I didn’t schedule a question and answer session today. Something came across my desk yesterday that i thought was interesting enough to chat about.

A listener from Scotland, who is one of my favorite podcasters asked a question - well not so much a question as a statement.

He said - you should have more mental health professionals - some shrinks, therapists - psychiatrists on your show. Maybe you’ll get more insight into what’s going on with - as you say - the wiser and more mature of us.

Well - here’s my story that I’ll share with you.

# How Exercise May Help Keep Our Memory
January 16, 2019 04:00 AM
Irisin, a hormone that is released during exercise, may improve brain health and lessen the damage that occurs during Alzheimer’s disease.

The study, which was [published this month in Nature Medicine](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-018-0275-4) , involved mice, but its findings could help to explain how, at a molecular level, exercise protects our brains and possibly preserves memory and thinking skills, even in people whose pasts are fading.
Considerable scientific evidence already demonstrates that [exercise remodels brains and affects thinking](https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/04/well/move/for-your-brains-sake-keep-moving.html?module=inline) . Researchers have shown in rats and mice that running ramps up the creation of new brain cells in the hippocampus, a portion of the brain devoted to memory formation and storage. Exercise also can [improve the health and function of the synapses between neurons there](https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/21/well/move/how-exercise-may-help-the-memory-grow-stronger.html?module=inline) , allowing brain cells to better communicate.


So now the overarching lesson of the study would seem to be that “If you can, go for a walk.




there was an article in the New York Times that i found interesting and thought I should share with you. Its the December 13 2018 issue and its entitled “Am I old” This more or less is an extension of exercise can help with memory.

There was a speech given by the philanthropist David Rubenstein that urged more senior people to accelerate” as they entered the next chapter of their lives.

He said Pick up the pace? Because he saw that So many of my contemporaries are stopping — if not stooping — to smell the roses.

When he was asked if he considers himself old, Mr. Rubenstein, now 69 said “69 seems like a teenager to me. At the same time, when he asked the same of a 68 year old poet, who was inbetween surgeries to help her mend after a fall, said point blank, I am an old lady.

What makes one more mature person identify as old when another doesn’t?

And what is “old” anyway.

So old” is changing, as life spans have grown longer. “Someone who is 60 years old today is considered middle-aged,”

So when does old begin?

Dr. Scherbov says that for Americans, it’s roughly 70 to 71 for men and 73 to 74 for women, though, as he has written, “your true age is not just the number of years you have lived.

“The main idea of the project,” “is that an old age threshold should not be fixed but depend on the characteristics of people.” Factors such as life expectancy, personal health, cognitive function and disability rates all play a role, he said, and today’s 65-year-old is more like a 55-year-old from 45 years ago.

Another comparison is that As with beauty, the meaning of “old” also depends on the person you ask. Millennials, now in their 20s and 30s, say that old starts at 59,

Gen Xers, now in their 40s — and no doubt with a new appreciation for just how close they are to entering their 50s — say 65 is the onset of old.

Boomers and the Greatest Generation pegged 73 as the beginning of old. Clearly, much depends on the perspective of who’s being asking to define “old.”

When asking several 50+ friends. There were Dozens of responses, But the most fun ones were their current age plus 4

And of course the most well know replies that are difficult to hear is when you are called ma’am instead of miss and when a man is referred to as sir.

As for me, My brain and the mirror are always in conflict. “Am I young or am I old.


Here’s a tech piece that caught even me by surprise and that is that some states are okaying digital license plates.

So far they are allowed in California, Arizona and Michigan.

digital license plates consist of displays covered in glass that are mounted onto a frame. They come with their own computer chips and wireless communication systems.

They are saying that Some of the benefits of using digital licenses versus old metal ones are the ability to display Amber alerts or stolen vehicle messages when needed, but they could also make it easier to digitally renew license plates over the years. But they are expensive and comes at a price, Currently, they cost $499 for a basic version, and $799 for a premium version that features a GPS navigation add-on.———

I’m so glad they are finally getting rid of that thing call Privacy.


I want to give you guys a three month update on my switch from cable tv to Youtube TV

I couldn’t be more happy. The benefits of moving to an internet based TV system are even more than i had previously thought.

A side note. I’m not speaking about Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime. I’m talking about a cable replacement.

Having said that, Let me tell you the benefits.

Youtube TV is an app that is downloaded to a roku device, or an apple tv.

First, you have to switch your thinking from the way cable tv works to more of a way netflix works.

Better picture quality - 1080p and 4k are better than that of cable tv - especially since 4k is not available with cable.

Most of the cable replacements allows you to run on multiple tv’s and devices without adding extra cost for every tv.

I love the interface for youtube tv which always seems to remember what i watch and when i watch it.

The recording of tv shows is slightly different and in my mind much better. On cable tv you pick you show to record and it records.

In youtube tv, you ad a plus sign to the shows you want to put in your library and next thing you know that programs is always in your library and will be there for a year - and also you have unlimited space.

In addition youtube tv seems to have all the sports stations including tennis - yay_ without the extra cost.

The cost of all of this is.

Xfiinity Cable blast internet is 59.00 plus 41 dollars - tax lncluded

That’s 100 dollars for three tv’s and all our computers, iPad, iPhones etc.

its a win win win.










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