I'm not sure I ever had a good memory. And now its certainly not as good as it was. Brad promises if we follow him, our memory could be better than it ever was. 

Brad Zupp is a man of many talents. After years of performing with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Brad developed successful careers as both a realtor and financial planner. But his real love developed along the way, as what began as an interesting experiment to improve his own memory turned into a passion and, ultimately, participation in the World Memory Championships.

A sample of Brad’s astonishing memory feats includes:

  • Memorizing a deck of playing cards in 85 seconds
  • Memorizing 117 names in 15 minutes
  • Memorizing 1,250 digits in 30 minutes

In our conversation below, Brad shares the secret memory habits he uses — so that you and your kids can use them, too!


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