“Yak About Tech” The Musical and other oddities. I Heart Media and WAXE 107.9FM/1370AM Jan. 26

January 26, 2015

We open with Yahoo’s David Pogue’s musical tribute to CES. Advanced radars that see through walls, temperature controlled nano fibers built into your clothes and Stitch, the hookup app for grandma and grandpa. Twitter’s legacy might just be based on a toilet paper story.  And again, we have John Mallen for the ongoing discussion of social media and you’re personal brand. Twitter @yakabouttech – Facebook.com/yakabouttech – facebook.com/planetvero – email: yakabouttech@gmail.com HALF TIME Crazy new tech lets police officers peer through the walls of your home undetected by Jacob Siegal, bgr.com January 21 02:18 PM There has been plenty of negative press surrounding law enforcement in the United States over the last year, but it doesn’t look like 2015 is going to be any less controversial. USA

Yak On!

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