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A Boomer’s Guide to A Life


Yak About Health and certainly the Healthiest Half Hour of Recommendations We’ve Done to Date! Today we yak about Health: Topic one: is timing your meals important Topic Two: Slowing Down the aging process and what are tellemeres? topic three: Can drinking coffee slow aging Topic four: 6 Memory Boosters for you and your mate And on our yak about tech segment the 7 best tech items from amazon basics

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Yak About Tech “Top 10 Best Smart Home Tech by app-geek.com and Yak n Chat with TaniaTop 10 Best Smart Home Tech – January 2017   appy-geek.comJanuary 17, 2017 08:19 AM. Best Home Tech The home keeps getting smarter and smarter. There are more and more appliances coming out with a brain these days, and it’s hard to determine which products are worth picking up. We’ve rounded out a list of ten great smart home tech that you can pick up and get your smart home started. Some of these products are small and inexpensive, while others are not. Amazon Echo The majority of the items on this list work with Alexa, so you’ll want to pick up an Amazon Echo so you can use

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