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On today’s broadcast of “Yak About Tech”; Doug Menuez. From photographing Presidents to the historical capture of the technology greats, Doug is one o...View Details

  FROM THE BEAUTIFUL STUDIO’S OF WAXE 107.9,FM 1370 AM and I Heart Radio Worldwide, This is Yak About Tech, your GPS guide to everything tech – with a...View Details

Healthy Culinary Coach

We are lucky to have the great Sandy Kleiman, founder and CEO of Healthy Culinary Coach. We did several things that we hadn’t done previously in today...View Details

The producers of  @yakabouttech are looking for tech people and people in the social media world as guests of David Yakir.  If you’ve got an interesti...View Details

My apologies in advance for my voice on today’s broadcast.  Had one of those Bronchitis attacks – but the show had to go on as I had two great guests ...View Details